Hogswarts Legacy Sets New Bar for Warner Bros. at $850 Million in Sales

Since Hogwarts Legacy’s launch, it’s been obvious that the game is a huge smash hit, breaking through even the most optimistic sales figures. And now that the exact numbers are rolling in, we can say by just how much. And it’s a doozie.

Let’s cut through it: in just 2 weeks, Hogwarts Legacy has sold upwards of 12 million units globally, generating a staggering $850 million in sales, according to Warner Bros. This makes it not only a smash hit, but Warner Bros. Interactive’s biggest game launch to date, and putting it only slightly behind the $1 billion juggernaut of Call of Duty.

hogwarts legacy steamcharts
Steam data shows consistency as well as huge numbers

Not only are the sales numbers for Hogwarts Legacy incredible, but it has been a huge success in other arenas as well. Notably, Hogwarts Legacy broke records by becoming the most streamed single-player game on Twitch, with 1.28 million concurrent viewers during the game’s launch.

All of this was made possible because of Avalanche Studios passion and talent as developers and massive fan support, not to mention the incredible critical reception the game has received. Hogwarts Legacy, which launched on February 10th after a 72-hour early access period for Digital Deluxe purchasers, already seems like a strong contender for Game of the Year — and we are only in February.

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