Two Different Sumo Digital Studios Are Assisting on Hogwarts Legacy

In a tweet yesterday, Sumo Digital announced that two of their studios were “involved in” the development of Hogwarts Legacy: Red Kite Games and Sumo Nottingham. While this isn’t strange given the apparent scope of the game, it’s at least some news information — which is more than fans have gotten in a long while now.

Reactions have been mixed from fans, and there are clearly two ways to take this information. The positive spin would be that the addition of more studios means that the game is going to be as expansive as people hope; additionally, it could mean that producer WB Games is willing to invest whatever they need into Hogwarts Legacy in order for it to be a success.

There’s another way to look at this news, however: Having another two teams brought in late in development suggests that things aren’t going smoothly over at Avalanche Studios (the game’s primary developer); it can also be said that having hundreds of people working on a game can actually hurt its overall quality, in a “too-many-cooks” sort of way.

While Sumo Digital’s list of original titles isn’t particularly noteworthy, they’ve assisted on a number of recent games, many of which have been great successes. These include two of the recent Hitman titles as well as the last two Forza games.

Here at Muggle Studies, we’re still eagerly anticipating actually getting to see what the game looks like — Hogwarts Legacy being a no-show at last night’s game awards was certainly a disappointment. At this point, it stands to reason that it’ll be 2022 before we get to see any gameplay footage, or even learn more about the game itself. But who knows! Maybe Santa will leave a new trailer in our stocking…

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