Hogwarts Legacy Strategy Guide Now Available for Pre-Order… With a Strange Author

The official strategy guide for the upcoming Hogwarts Legacy popped up on Amazon’s listing today, making it available for pre-order for its March 7th release date. The book, published by Scholastic, will only be available in paperback, and will cost a surprisingly low $14.99, though it is on sale for $13.49 at the time of writing. It will even include a checklist at the back of the book where you can “record your achievements,” if you are fond of journaling. You can find the Hogwarts Legacy Strategy Guide here, if you want to pre-order it yourself.

Of some note is one of the two listed authors for the book. Alongside Kate Lewis, the other author is currently stated to be 76-year-old astrophysicist Paul Davies, whose body of literary work mostly consists of astrophysics texts such as The Goldilocks Enigma: Why Is The Universe Just Right For Life and Six Easy Pieces: Essentials of Physics Explained by its Most Brilliant Teacher.

hogwarts legacy guide book paul davies author
Amazon’s author page for Paul Davies. Maybe he is also a fan of the Wizarding World?

This does appear to be a mix-up on the part of Amazon, presumably caused by the author of the guide and Physics’ “Most Brilliant Teacher” sharing a name. This can be confirmed by checking out the book and author on Barnes and Noble’s website, where more entries for video games — not listed on Amazon’s page — show up when one searches for Paul Davies. Presumably, the Paul Davies that wrote those books is the one that has contributed here, not the esteemed 1995 Templeton Prize winner. Still, it does raise the question as to what a strategy guide by such a prominent academic physicist would look like… Maybe we could’ve ended up getting scientific discussions on the physical properties of a Polyjuice Potion in between being told how to find a phoenix feather in a cave?

…Maybe it is for the best that the Paul Davies who writes about video games is the one who wrote the Hogwarts Legacy Official Game Guide, releasing March 7th, which is now available for pre-order on Amazon.

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Mila Grish
Mila Grish(@igreeni)
1 year ago

Glad my guide book writers are properly qualified.