Leak: New Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay or News Coming Soon

After it was announced that Hogwarts Legacy would be delayed until 2022, many fans wondered when we’d finally get a chance to learn more about the game. Considering it was originally supposed to be out this year, it seems unlikely that the game isn’t in a playable state this deep into 2021. Yet despite the rapid approach of 2022, there’s been no new information or footage revealed since the original announcement.

This may soon change if a recent tweet from Millie A turns out to be accurate. A video game data analyst, Millie has proven herself a reliable source, correctly predicting Sony’s Playstation Showcase last month. In a tweet a few days ago, Millie replied to someone asking about Hogwarts Legacy, and claimed that we’d get to see something either this month or in December at the Game Awards.

The Game Awards will stream live on December 9th, and given the lack of major events between now and then, it seems as good as time as any for WB Games and Avalanche to show off Hogwarts Legacy. Given Millie’s suggestion that we could see something new this month, it’s also possible that a new trailer or new footage will be released absent an event.

Either way, it would be great to finally get some fresh info, if only to dispel doubts about the status of the game. With any luck, we won’t have to wait until 2022 to learn more about what’s shaping up to be the biggest and best Wizarding game yet.

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