Hogwarts Legacy Gives HBO Max Subscribers a Bonus Outfit In Game

It has been announced by Portkey Games that they will be offering a bonus to Hogwarts Legacy players with an HBO Max subscription: access to the Lilac Ensemble for your character in the game! This cosmetic outfit was a Twitch Drop reward temporarily when the game first released, but anyone who missed it back then will now have another chance to obtain one. In order to get it, all you have to do is link your WB Games account to your HBO Max one. The promotion lasts until May 14.

How to Obtain the Lilac Ensemble

In order to get the Lilac Ensemble, you must first have both a WB Games account and HBO Max account. You must also have played Hogwarts Legacy at least once with your WB Games account. Once all of those conditions are met, you will have to do the following:

  • Go to www.hogwartslegacy.com/hbomax and sign in.
  • Enter your WB Games account email and password.
  • Hit Submit, and the outfit will automatically be sent to your game.

Once everything is done, you use the outfit any time after completing the quest Welcome to Hogwarts. Something to keep in mind is that the Lilac Ensemble is a purely cosmetic set of gear, meaning equipping it will only change your appearance.

hogarts legacy characters

The promotion with HBO Max is happening now and will run until May 14. If you missed your chance to get the Lilac Ensemble while it was a Twitch Drop, now’s your chance to grab it!

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1 year ago

what about nintendo switch users? i’ve preordered but can’t play the game until release in july. at that point the reward will have expired.