Brief Teaser for Thursday’s Hogwarts Legacy State of Play Reveals Basically Nothing

Avalanche Software’s official WB Games Twitter account just released a 10-second clip of what appears to be in-game footage of the player character in Hogwarts Legacy. Unfortunately, those 10 seconds are completely taken up by the character getting out of bed and yawning — which pretty well encompasses the feelings this teaser engenders.

Presumably, this will be where Thursday’s State of Play will begin (with the character getting out of bed). It seems to be a cutscene that then transitions into the 3rd-person view that early leaks would suggest is the camera view while playing. The beds in the room the character wakes up in all feature the Gryffindor colors and iconography on their curtains — but don’t worry, all you wanna-be Hufflepuffs, you’ll be able to choose your own house. Other than getting a brief glimpse of the dormitories, it’s hard to learn much from today’s footage.

In case you missed the news yesterday, Thursday’s State of Play begins at 2PM PT (10 PM CET), and will feature roughly 14 minutes of gameplay, followed by about 6 minutes of developers sharing thoughts and info about the game. You’ll be able to watch the stream live on either Playstation’s Twitch or YouTube channels.

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