Avalanche Studios Confirms We Won’t Get Any Hogwarts Legacy News This Year

The saying “no news is good news” springs to mind with the latest tweet from Avalanche Studios. Until yesterday, fans could still pretend they’d be getting some new Hogwarts Legacy footage over the holiday. Now, it’s been confirmed that we won’t be getting any new information until 2022:

Unfortunately, Hogwarts Legacy developer Avalanche Studios wasn’t at all specific in their tweet — we could be watching a new trailer in January, or we might wait until the summer for nothing more than a brief press release. Only time will tell what HogLeg news will come in 2022.

One possibility is that WB Games and Avalanche Studios will take advantage of the buzz surrounding Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts, which is set to air on HBO Max on New Years Day. It would be an obvious time to drop a new trailer, but the wording of yesterday’s tweet — “news and updates” — suggests something more in line with a simple status update, rather than any new footage or trailer. It also seems likely that they’d have hinted at a connection with the 20th Anniversary event if one existed.

Avalanche Community Manager FinchStrife popped into a Reddit thread regarding the tweet and introduced themselves. It was heartening to see that the developers are paying at least some attention to fan communities, although more cynical folk could easily point out that community engagement is simply good business nowadays. Regardless, just hearing from Avalanche has probably set the minds of many a worried fan at ease, and confirmation that new news is on its way is a halfway decent holiday surprise.

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