Hogwarts Legacy Announces a New, Game-Loving Professor

In a tweet on November 28th, the Hogwarts Legacy account unveiled a new character that will be in the upcoming game. This time, it’s Abraham Ronen, Charms professor! He was revealed using an animated card that transitions between a profile image and a short description, similar to the one we saw before for fellow-professor Dinah Hecat.

Abraham is said to be an jovial lover of games who often incorporates that love into his teaching style. This might suggest something about his role in-game, which might be to offer minigames to players, or perhaps quests related to games (Wizard’s Chess, anyone?). This would be in addition to him being the Charms professor of Hogwarts, whose class you can presumably attend in-game. We also can’t help but notice the green accents and snake-themed ornaments on his attire, suggesting close ties with Slytherin house.

Abraham Ronen is the third such character to be announced on Twitter via character card, and the second whose card is in the form of an animated video. The first, Ravenclaw student Amit Thakkar, was revealed on the 18th, and Defense Against the Dark Arts professor Dinah Hecat was unveiled 4 days later on the 22nd.

The team behind Hogwarts Legacy sure seems to be excited to show off their characters in this way, which implies that they must have quite a large cast that they are quite proud of. It’s certainly an excellent way to drip-feed excitement, one character at a time, until Hogwarts Legacy finally releases on February 10th of next year.

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