Hogwarts Legacy Reveals New Character: Amit Thakkar

In a tweet on November 18th, Hogwarts Legacy revealed a new character with a promotional card. This card, featuring an image of the character, his house (Ravenclaw), and a short text bio explaining his personality, was captioned with “You will meet many classmates from Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and yes, even Ravenclaw. The Astonomy loving Amit is just one of those classmates. #HogwartsLegacy”

The new character, Amit Thakkar, is revealed to be a Ravenclaw, and he seems to fit the stereotype. With aspirations to become a famed historian, the card describes Amit as “bright and well-read,” while also implying that he may be better studying than getting involved in dire affairs. Both the card and the caption of the tweet describe his fondness for astronomy, and we can’t help but wonder whether that means he may be involved as an NPC in some stargazing quests or collectible tasks. No gameplay information, however, was revealed to confirm that hunch.

Whatever the case, this reveal of a character card, with its easily-replicable format, also hints that there may be more character reveals on the way in a similar manner. Since the tweet mentioned the other three houses, I’d put money on us getting on for a character from each house, though only time will tell.

If that speculation is true, however, I hope the next one is a Hufflepuff. Interesting as Amir Thakkar might prove to be, house loyalty is more important.

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