“The Wizardry Behind Hogwarts Legacy” Trailer Drops – Behind the Scenes at Avalanche Softwares

Hogwarts Legacy was a monumental game when it came out back in February, and I wrote an entire article on Avalanche Software’s long history leading up to the game’s release. Well, it seems that they know how fascinating the story of Hogwarts Legacy’s development is, because Hogwarts Legacy will be releasing a feature-length behind-the-scenes documentary all about the making of the game, fittingly titled “The Wizardry Behind Hogwarts Legacy”. The trailer for the upcoming project dropped today, showcasing snippets from developer interviews, behind the scenes work, and concept art.

The full documentary “The Wizardry Behind Hogwarts Legacy” will release “later this year” according to the description of the video, and will deliver “deep dives into the creative process from the Avalanche Software team.” They also put out a post on social-media-that-shall-not-be-named (X) calling this “a love letter to fans worldwide.”

Considering Avalanche’s incredible story, how successful the game was, and how intricately designed things like the Castle and the spell system were, this is sure to be an absolutely fascinating (or should we say “enchanting”?) making-of documentary. We can’t wait to watch it later this year.

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