Hogwarts Legacy Takes Full Advantage of PS5 Features to Maximize Immersion

Playstation released a blog post, along with a video, detailing the many ways Hogwarts Legacy is taking full advantage of the PS5’s various features. While the game will not be exclusive to this console, owners of it will experience an extra level of immersion as they take their character through Hogwarts.

As expected, Hogwarts Legacy will take full advantage of the PS5’s 4K capabilities. There will also be two graphical modes: Fidelity and Performance. Performance will allow you to play at higher framerates, while Fidelity will prioritize higher graphics.

If you own the Tempest 3D AudioTech, you’ll hear the full effect of its 3D audio feature, putting you right in the center of your surroundings as you cast spells or create new potions. If you are not using a headset, the speaker on the DualSense controller will keep the immersion, as sounds such as your hippogriff’s wings or the sound effect of your Incendio will emanate from the controller.

DualSense Controller

Speaking of the DualSense, Hogwarts Legacy will take advantage of all of its features. The light on the controller will have colors matching the house you have been assigned to, and will flash different colors in battle to match the spells you cast, or for when you take damage.

The adaptive triggers will also be used to great effect when casting spells, causing the various spells and charms to have different levels of resistance. These effects will be present on whatever trigger you’re using to cast spells, in order “to let the DualSense become an extension of the wand you hold in the game.”

hogwarts legacy combat

Additionally, the haptic feedback will be in effect to further make each spell that comes out of your wand feel unique. The adaptive triggers and haptic feedback aren’t just limited to spellcasting — you will also be able to feel them while doing things such as mixing ingredients for your potions, or while flying on your broom.

On top of all of this, the game will have little to no load times no matter where you go, thanks to the SSD drive PS5’s use. With all of these features combined, it sounds like the Playstation 5 edition of Hogwarts Legacy will give players the best experience for full immersion. While there is still no release date, the game is slated to be released during the 2022 holidays, and will be available on every current major console as well as PC.

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