Hogwarts Legacy Unveils Ministry of Magic Official George Osric

Another day, another Hogwarts Legacy character reveal. This time, however, we meet someone who does not either attend or teach at Hogwarts: Ministry of Magic official George Osric! As is practically tradition at this point, this character reveal came in the form of a 20-second video made to look like an animated character card. Accompanying the card is the caption “How will this Ministry of Magic official play a part in your #HogwartsLegacy?”

On the front is George, looking sheepish and shy with large glasses. Above him is a Hufflepuff insignia, which fits his character to a tee, and below his name along with the caption “Ministry of Magic.” After showing his image, the description on the card describes some about his personality and role within Hogwarts Legacy. Here, he is described as charming and gregarious. He is furthermore described as a puzzle-solver, and as trustworthy and loyal.

Of note, however, is how his relationship to both the player and to Miriam Fig (the wife of Professor Fig). For the player, the card implies that he will require your help in order to solve a “seemingly indecipherable puzzle” that was left behind by the now-deceased Miriam. The fact that this is the first we are hearing of Miriam Fig, and that we already know she is dead (presumably when the story begins, or very near to it) is actually one of the largest plot details we’ve seen so far. Especially when combined with this “seemingly indecipherable puzzle,” which could very easily tie into either the main plot or a side quest.

Whatever the case, it seems that George Osric will play quite an important role in the player’s journey, and seems to be a friendly and intelligent ally. Unlike some other characters, we don’t know who will be voicing him, but whatever the case, he will be in the game for us to find out when Hogwarts Legacy releases on February 10th on PC, PlayStation 5, and the Xbox Series S|X.

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