Hogwarts Legacy Patch Notes 6/2/23 – Bug Fixes, Gameplay & Performance Improvements

Last round of bug fixes and updates was pretty major: among the items in the long list of updates (more than 500!) was the official Arachnophobia Mode, turning those twitchy leggy spiders into menacing little blobs on skates. This week comes with just a small follow-up of updates, including fixing mission and achievement bugs, UI and save file glitches, and ironing out some general performance wrinkles.

(Remember that you can help the dev team by reporting any bugs or issues on hogwartslegacy.bugs.wbgames.com).

Even without major changes or additions to report, the team’s continued work on the game almost 4 months after its release is a reflection of the game’s success and potential for new content in the future. There is hoping!

Meanwhile, here is the full list of Patch Notes:

Developer Note: this patch addresses overall gameplay experience and stability improvements.

  • Resolved quest failing to progress upon starting the final battle with the Pensieve Guardian HL-12745
  • Resolved Percival Rackham’s Trial not being able to be completed causing a progression blocker HL-12745
  • Resolved avatar using a generic NPC wand instead of their unique wand HL-11594
  • Resolved the avatar’s robe moving unnaturally while drinking the potion if they are created immediately after making a manual save on another character’s slot
  • Resolved large gold chests being lootable after patching
  • Resolved achievements not working correctly when no internet
    was available
  • Resolved Gregory and Goblet of fire field guide pages not showing complete after latest patch HL-12917
  • Resolved with Daedelian Key and not being able to open chest to get house reward HL-12673
  • Resolved “Allow “Known” Collection items to count correctly towards proper achievements
  • Updated localization overlapping issues related to location names
  • Resolved quest tracking icon remaining on map and minimap after the quest is completed
  • Resolved intro outfit and robe being available in your gear appearances by default HL-4880
  • Resolved untracking missions in-game, in the map and/or mini-map not updating their icons and/or disappearing
  • Resolved the user getting stuck on the ‘Field Guide’ screen if they spam the [MENU] button while transitioning to the ‘Map’ screen
  • Resolved restarting from a manual save can place Sir Nicholas at the mission’s starting point
  • Resolved player being able to permanently lock themselves out of the conversation with Natsai when using a manual save during a mission HL-12659
  • Resolved avatar being able to unlock the talent menu during a mission after reloading a manual save
  • Resolved reloading an autosave after gathering any collection chest allows the avatar to obtain the same chest rewards again
  • Resolved a crash when fast traveling to Hogsmeade using floo flames
  • Optimization to overall lighting
  • Resolved crash during level and mission transitions/loading
  • Resolved a crash when opening and closing pause menu during missions
  • Resolved crash related to foliage
  • Resolved a crash when ornate chests in the game
  • Resolved a crash related to in game beacons
  • Resolved memory optimization
  • Resolved single frame hitching throughout the game
  • Resolved localization crash when dictionaries are reloaded from a save game
  • Resolved landscape streaming issues during Hogwarts
  • Resolved crash VRAM memory leaking HL-313
  • Update to latest NVIDIA Streamline SDK
  • Resolved improper shadowing around the vines of dungeons
  • Update to game credits

*Patch deployment times may vary per platform

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