Spell Combos – Hogwarts Legacy

Combining spells into different combos is an integral part of combat in Hogwarts Legacy. Casting random spells willy-nilly might be the easiest option, but it’s not very effective. A well put-together spell combo will help you output more damage and witness some unique interactions between spells.

In no particular order, here are some of the best spell combos in Hogwarts Legacy that you should add to your arsenal.

Required Talents: None
Optional Talents: Accio Mastery, Incendio Mastery

This simple combination is available early in the game and can quickly output some solid damage. If you take the optional talents than this quick combination becomes great for quickly attacking large groups of enemies. The Accio upgrade allows you to pull multiple enemies at a time, while the Incendio upgrade turns it into a fiery attack in all directions.

hogwarts legacy accio incendio spell combo

Required Talents: None
Optional Talents: Transformation Mastery

Another simple spell combo, this one is actually an insta-kill for any enemies affected by Transformation. This makes it an excellent option for quickly disposing of a single target. Unlocking Transformation Mastery turns this into a potential AOE combo thanks to it turning enemies into explosive objects.

hogwarts legacy transformation depulso spell combo

Required Talents: None
Optional Talents: None

For high damage against a single target, Glacius into Diffindo is an extremely reliable combo. Glacius doubles the damage dealt to targets and Diffindo is one of the highest damaging spells.

hogwarts legacy glacius diffindo spell combo

Required Talents: None
Optional Talents: None

Incendio is the only standard spell that does more damage than Diffindo, however it has the crucial caveat of a very short range. You can remedy this by casting Accio to bring the enemy to you, than freezing them with Glacius before casting Incendio.

hogwarts legacy accio glacius incendio spell combo

Required Talents: Ancient Magic Throw Expertise
Optional Talents: None

With the upgraded Ancient Magic Throw, you can throw disarmed enemy weapons back at them for bonus damage. Disarm them with Expelliarmus, throw in a quick Basic Cast for bonus damage, and finish off with throwing their weapon back at them for some excellent damage.

Required Talents: Avada Kadavra Mastery, Crucio Mastery
Optional Talents: Enduring Curse, Curse Sapper,

The single strongest combo in Hogwarts Legacy is this one built upon the Avada Kadavra talent that instantly kills everybody that is cursed. Start off with Crucio, than use Basic Cast on the same enemy until most of or all of the enemies near you are cursed. Finish off with Avada Kadavra, and every enemy will instantly be defeated.

hogwarts legacy crucio spell

Required Talents: None
Optional Talents: None

You might be familiar with this combo from Spell Combination Practice 1. This combination of spells doesn’t output as much damage due to it’s reliance on basic attacks, but if you’re fighting one target this can be an easy combo to do that will stop them from attacking you for the duration of it.

hogwarts legacy levioso accio spell combo

Here’s a list of other viable spell combinations in Hogwarts Legacy.

With the correct spell combos on your side, you should have no problem defeating the Ashwinders or Ranrok’s Loyalists. Have any questions or ideas for other combos? Let us know in the comments below!

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