[Leak] Hogwarts Legacy May Appear in February State of Play, Release in Q3 2022

A recent tweet from Tom Henderson suggested that the upcoming Playstation State of Play will occur in February and is “potentially big”. He followed up this tweet with a YouTube video explaining his logic behind assuming February is when the State of Play will come. In essence, he believes Sony will hold their next event in February because of the timing of other releases, combined with the fact that Hogwarts Legacy is overdue for an announcement or trailer. Given that Horizon: Forbidden West (which releases Feb 18th) and Gran Turismo 7 (which releases March 4th) are both ready for some pre-release hype, February seems like reasonable timing for a State of Play.

Henderson also speculates that Hogwarts Legacy will release in Q3 or Q4 2022, meaning July or later. If we do see gameplay footage at a February State of Play, it should be easier to guess when HogLeg will release, since it will give us a better idea of how close to finished the game actually is. Of course, just because a game looks finished at press events doesn’t mean it actually is; those of you who played Cyberpunk 2077 know what I’m talking about.

Despite Tom Henderson doing quite a bit of guesswork and supposition in his YouTube video, he is apparently a reliable source for video game leaks, known for leaking info for the Battlefield and Call of Duty franchises. Additionally, his logic is sound. For Harry Potter fans who’ve been waiting for months to learn more about Hogwarts Legacy, February feels a long way away — but at least it’s something to look forward to.

If there is indeed a State of Play in February, will you watch it in the hopes of seeing some Hogwarts Legacy? Or are you tired of being disappointed? Let us know in the comments!

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