Hogwarts Legacy Preview Reveals Common Rooms in More Detail

One of the things Harry Potter fans are most looking forward to in Hogwarts Legacy is simply exploring Hogwarts Castle, especially the various house common rooms. We’ve been given a brief look at these areas previously, but we haven’t heard much besides that. The official YouTube channel for the game has released a set of new videos, finally giving players a tour of these four areas!

Once you create your character in Hogwarts Legacy, you will be assigned to one of four houses; Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw. Your house will determine which classmates you will frequently interact with, as well as what your Common Room will be, which serves as your house’s lounge area. You can check out all four common room tours below.

In the brief video of each individual Common Room, the character walks around various parts of it while wearing a robe that represents their house. You can see that each lounge area has a completely unique look and feel from one another — each one meant to represent the personality of the students associated with the house, as well as taking advantage of their house colors.

There are also objects you can interact with in each area, such as a globe to spin. Each Common Room will have a hidden entrance that must be opened in a certain way, such as the Ravenclaw door requiring you to solve a riddle. There will likely be other hidden areas that players can find within each area by exploring. As these Common Rooms are meant to be a gathering place for students, it’s likely that you will be able to meet many of your potential Companions here.

Hogwarts Legacy is set to be released on February 10, 2023 on most consoles and PC, with the Switch version coming at a later date. With the launch quickly approaching, we will hopefully get a look at some of the other parts at Hogwarts soon. Let us know which Common Room you’re most excited to explore in the comments!

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