Hogwarts Legacy for PS5/XboxSX to Cost $70, No Upgrade Option From Last-Gen Versions

Shortly after Hogwarts Legacy’s first gameplay reveal, preorders became available at many online storefronts. Excited students-to-be got a few nasty surprises when they went to pre-order, however. For starters, the game is currently priced at $69.99 for the PS5/XboxSX version, and $59.99 for PS4/XBox One. There also doesn’t appear to be an upgrade option as of yet, meaning players who buy the last-gen version won’t be able to later upgrade to the version of the game for next-gen platforms.

Hogwarts Legacy is far from the first title to have their next-gen versions cost 70 bucks, with games like Demon Souls and recent Call of Duty entries hitting the higher price point. Still, it’s disappointing news. On the bright side, Best Buy is currently offering a $10 dollar gift card for HogLeg preorders, so I guess if you need to replace a controller or something you can consider the game 10 dollars cheaper. It should also be possible to play the last-gen version of the game on newer consoles thanks to backwards compatibility.

It’s important to note that the preorder info could very well be placeholder, as it still isn’t present on all online storefronts, including the official Playstation or Xbox stores. Once we see how Sony and Microsoft list the game in their digital stores, we’ll have confirmation for both the price points and as to whether or not there will indeed be a way to upgrade from last to next-gen copies.

Thoughts on the price point? Have you started calling the game HogLeg yet? Let us know in the comments!

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