Classes You Might Attend in Hogwarts Legacy

As fans continue to dissect the official trailer and discuss their hopes for the game, there appear to be two camps emerging. These two groups are split in regards to how much actual schooling the player should engage in during their time at Hogwarts. One side really wants a school simulation or something like Rockstar’s Bully, in which the player will need to get to class on time and even do homework. The other side would prefer an open world to explore with no specific requirements to attend classes outside of a few quests or plot points.

Whether or not the game leans heavily on attending classes as a mechanic, we are certain to spend at least some time in the classroom in Hogwarts Legacy. It’s too soon to tell how much Hogwarts Legacy will require players to actually attend and participate in classes, but the official trailer hints at the classroom being a significant part of the game — at least at first:

[You will] grow into your own magical abilities in the classrooms of the world’s most talented professors. And while your journey begins at Hogwarts, brewing potions, brewing potions, taming fantastic beasts, and mastering spells, there is a larger world beyond these walls…

One possibility is that the first chapter or two of the game take place in Hogwarts, where you learn the mechanics of the game in the various classrooms. Perhaps your wizarding classes serve as a kind of tutorial, and then once you’ve mastered the ins and outs of spells, potions, and the taming of magical creatures, you head out into the larger world to explore and continue your journey. Another way Hogwarts Legacy might implement classes is as a training area, where you can return to the classrooms in order to increase your ability in a given subject. It would make sense for Hogwarts to be your home base, or a hub of sorts, and that you can attend classes while there to learn new spells, abilities, or recipes.

The classes we can confidently confirm are in Hogwarts Legacy are:

  • Herbology
  • Potions
  • Care of Magical Creatures

The study of plants both mundane and magical, herbology seems like a great way for the game to handle healing, or even a buffs/debuffs system. Herbology is a core class, and we’ve already seen from the trailer that we’ll spend some time learning how to care for and utilize plants during our time at Hogwarts. Open world RPGs also tend to have a variety of consumables to harvest or find throughout the world, and perhaps what we learn in Herbology will allow us to identify and collect useful plants we find while exploring. It’s also very possible that many or all of the herbs we collect in game are useful in potions, which we also know will make an appearance in Hogwarts Legacy.

credit: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets/Warner Bros. Pictures

Professor Snape may have made potions the least favorite class of many students, but crafting tends to be an important element in open-world RPGs, and brewing potions seems like an excellent Harry Potter themed way to utilize the materials we might find on our adventures. Obvious options like health potions, or potions that restore your magical abilities certainly come to mind, but there are a myriad of possible potions; Polyjuice potion played a key role in many of the Harry Potter books, and it would be a useful potion in any quest that required the character to go undetected. Additionally, discovering new recipes could be one of the ways exploring is rewarded in Hogwarts Legacy.

credit: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone/Warner Bros. Pictures

The wizarding world is full of magical beasts, and many of them can be quite dangerous. Knowing how to identify these creatures, and even how to tame them, would be an incredibly useful skill to have. The official trailer shows a Hogwarts student petting a Graphorn, so it seems we will have the chance to interact in some way with at least some of the magical animals we encounter. The trailer also shows characters riding hippogriffs; one possibility is that by leveling up our Care of Magical Creatures skill, we will be able to interact with or befriend different or more powerful magical creatures.

Care Of Magical Creatures
credit: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban/Warner Bros. Pictures

We know the player character gains a “late acceptance” to Hogwarts, so one might assume our character is a first year student. However, Care of Magical Creatures is (at least given what we know from the books and movies) a third year course. Perhaps the player enters Hogwarts older than usual, or perhaps the curriculum is simply different in the late 1800s. Assuming the character is taking core classes, and not more advanced electives that didn’t appear in the official trailer, the following classes could also make an appearance in Hogwarts Legacy:

  • Astronomy
  • Charms
  • Defense Against the Dark Arts
  • Flying
  • History of Magic
  • Transfiguration

Astronomy class might allow our character to better navigate (perhaps using the stars as a sort of in-game compass), and we know from the 2018 leak that our character will be able to cast a variety of charms. We see some transfiguration in the trailer, hinting at the possibility of learning related spells. It was surprising not to see a Patronus charm in the official trailer, but we still may end up in Defense Against the Dark Arts, given the dangers our character seems destined to face. Flying class in particular is likely to make an appearance, given the hints at Quidditch the trailer gave us.

credit: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone/Warner Bros. Pictures

Either as simple tutorial quests, or as a core game mechanic, the classrooms of Hogwarts are sure to provide Harry Potter fans with many sights both familiar and new. Brewing potions, feeding Mooncalves, and tending to Mandrake should prove to be just a small part of all the wizardly learning you’ll be able to do in Hogwarts Legacy.

What class do you most want to take at Hogwarts? What class will you cut if cutting class is possible in game? Let us know in the comments!

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