Hogwarts Legacy Appearances & Transmog Item List

Hogwarts Legacy is full of customization options for your character. Not only are you able to select what gear you want to equip, and what upgrades you want to equip it with, you are also able to change its appearance at-will. Doing this is called “transmogging”.

While you can transmog any piece of gear to look like any other piece of gear from the same slot that you’ve acquired, the most interesting transmogs are Appearances. These are exclusively cosmetic, meaning they are not tied to any gear, and are acquired by completing specific tasks (as opposed to usable gear, which is all randomized). Below, we’ve put together a database of every Appearance item in Hogwarts Legacy and what slot it is for.

In order to see what Appearances you have and transmog items, you’ll need to go into your “Gear” menu. Once there, hover over whichever piece of gear you’d like to change the look of and press the appropriate button (button xbox x v2/playstation square button/computer key f t). This will open the item’s Appearance menu.

From here, you’ll see two divided sections; the one on top, “Collections,” will display all of your cosmetic Appearances for the slot in question, whereas the bottom, “Other” will allow you to transmog your gear to look like any other piece of gear you’ve acquired. Selecting either doesn’t affect the stats of the gear, only its appearance.

hogwarts legacy appearances acquire appearance
“Collection Updated” Displays when you acquire an Appearance Item from a quest or location

Getting new Appearances requires you to complete specific tasks (as opposed to being randomly acquired as loot). Most of these tasks are “Challenges,” which you can see in your menu, but some are acquired from Quests, or even from outside sources like Twitch drops.

All Appearance sets — that is, Appearances which go together and share a naming convention — are acquired through challenges exclusively, with different items in the set being given for different tiers of completion for the challenge.

We hope this guide on Appearances and Transmog Items in Hogwarts Legacy was helpful! Questions and suggestions are welcome in the comments below.

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