Gotham Knights Walkthrough

Welcome to EIP’s walkthrough for Gotham Knights! Click a case file from the list below to see a list of walkthroughs for every mission in the file.

Despite being an open-world game, Gotham Knights has a linear main story. The game starts with Case 01: Batman’s Last Case. After completing all of the individual missions in that case, you’ll unlock the next case, and so on, until you’ve completed all 8 cases. There are also three side cases, each involving a different villain: Harley Quinn, Mr. Freeze, and Clayface.

Each mission has a recommended level — if you aren’t doing any side content, you might find that you’re under-leveled for the main story mission you’re on. If that’s the case, consider hunting down some informants and stopping some premeditated crimes; taking down minibosses is another great way to gain some XP.

gotham knights walkthrough case file examination

Crafting is another important way to keep your power level on par with your foes. Defeating enemies and completing missions earns you salvage, which you can spend to create better weapons and suits.

Click a case to see its missions and rewards.




There are multiple points in Gotham Knights where you have to find a hidden mechanism, investigate a crime scene, or otherwise solve a puzzle to proceed. We’re still working on creating guides for all the puzzles, but the ones that are ready can be found below.

When playing the Gotham Knights single player campaign, you can choose from four playable characters. It can be tough to decide who to play as, so below, we’ve given a brief overview of each character’s strengths and playstyle:

  • Batgirl – The tankiest character, and the most beginner friendly. She can spec into melee combat, survivability, or hacking skills.
  • Nightwing – The agile character, jumping from foe to foe. He can spec into acrobatics, melee combat, and co-op skills.
  • Red Hood – The DPS character, from range or melee. He can spec into grappling, ranged attacks, or general damage increases.
  • Robin – The stealth character, taking foes down from the shadows. He can spec into sneakiness, hacking, or melee combat.

To learn more about each of the playable characters, check out their skill trees, momentum abilities, or an overview of each character.

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