Talia al Ghul – Gotham Knights Boss Guide

Talia al Ghul will be yourfinal boss fight in the main storyline. You would have been fighting Bruce immediately prior to this battle, and what you have learned from that fight will come useful in this one. Similarly to Bruce, you should be focused on exploiting Talia’s rare openings quickly and efficiently, spending a lot of time dodging her long combos. It’s a good idea to make sure you have some health to sustain Talia’s damage in this fight — the second Phase of the battle will be a little unforgiving if you can’t both take and deal some solid damage.

Case: Main Case 8.2: The Lazarus Pit.
Rewards (from both battles): 9,780XP

Quick Tips:

  • Prepare to dodge a lot, and sneak powerful Momentum attacks in between:
    • If Talia readies her blade, prepare for her teleportation combo.
    • Dodge with blades, move out of the way of arrows.
    • When Talia aims her bow at you, be prepared for a powerful arrow at any time.
  • Talia will dodge and counter-attack when idle; wait for the openings in between her combos instead.
  • Talia will return with full health for Phase 2.
    • A few of her attacks come without warning.
    • Her spear is quicker and has longer reach.
    • Watch out for the leap attack, dodge out of the way.
gk talia goofy

Talia is an extremely agile boss, who zips and teleports around the arena. When she is close, her long combos require as tight of timing as Bruce’s, while at range she has a variety of attacks that you must be prepared to react to.

Though she is quicker and has more weapon variety, her timing is more forgiving than Bruce’s, and she makes for an overall easy fight.

Readies her blade = teleportation combo. When she readies her blade at a distance, be prepared for a string of teleportation charges, where she will lunge at you with her sword, vanish into green smoke, and then appear, only to lunge again. She will do this several times.

Counter-attacks when idle; use her openings instead. Attacking her while she is idle can lead to her teleporting away and counter-attacking before your attack lands. Instead, you should primarily punish her openings, similar to Bruce.

Dodge with blades, move away for arrows. Her kunai blades and lobbed arrows must be dodged as well; the former directly, the latter by moving out of their AoE after she fires them.

Aims with bow = prepare to dodge. If she pulls out her bow to aim at you directly, she will pull it back and prepare to fire an uninterruptible arrow. While she telegraphs this plenty, that is for good reason: it can do massive damage, and timing its release is sometimes tricky.

gk talia bow

Once you deplete her health nearly all the way, a cutscene will play, and then the fight will resume with Talia at full health.

Quicker attacks, longer combos, longer reach. In this second stage, she now wields a standard as a spear. Its attacks are quicker, come in longer combos, and have a greater range than her sword did. Not all of her attacks will come with a red-circle warning.

New leap attack with a combo. She also gains the ability to leap in the air and charge an attack. When she comes back down, she will attempt to hit you with a twirling combo, but it is easy to dodge away.

gk talia spear
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