How to Play Co-Op – Gotham Knights

If there’s anything better than fighting crime in Gotham, it’s doing it with a buddy. In this guide, we’ll explain how to unlock Co-Op, how to invite a friend to your game, and how the Multiplayer settings work.

To unlock Co-Op, you’ll need to complete Mission 1.2, “The Langstrom Drive”. This is the second part of the very first case you get, “Batman’s Last Case”, so you can’t miss it — it’s how the game starts out. Once you’ve completed 1.2 and returned to the Belfry, you’ll unlock cooperative multiplayer.

Once you’ve unlocked co-op, there are two ways to start a multiplayer game:

  • Press the Start button to open the menu, select Multiplayer, then
    • Select Quick Match to and join a random player’s game.
    • Select Heroic Assault to join a random player’s Heroic Assault (not available until November 29th).
  • Use the left D-Pad menu to select Privacy, then
    • Select the top option SOS to open your game up to anyone.
    • Select the right option to open your game to friends and friends of friends.
    • Select the bottom option to open your game up to friends.
    • Select the left option to restrict your game to invited players only.

How Main Story Co-Op Works in Gotham Knights

Main Story co-op is limited to 2 players. There is a 4-player mode coming (see below), but the campaign limits you to two knights at a time.

When playing Gotham Knights in co-op, one player is the “host”. While both players will earn character progression while playing (XP), only the host player’s game will have its story progress from defeating bosses or otherwise progressing through the campaign. When the guest player returns to the world, it will be as they left it. However, the next time they face any boss, dungeon, or story moment that they’ve already completed in another player’s game, they will be given the option to skip it.

Co-op is untethered in Gotham Knights. This means that you don’t have to stay close to each other while playing — both players can pursue different crimes or clues freely, regardless of what the other player is doing. Of course, most superhero team ups involve fighting crime together, but you do you!

On November 29th, the Heroic Assault game mode will be added to Gotham Knights. This will be a four-player game mode that involves beating 30 floors of enemies. We’ll add additional details here as they become avilable.

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