Gotham Knights Harley Quinn Mission 1.2 – Dr. Q at Monarch Theater

In this mission, you will need to go after Harley Quinn after seeing her “Dr. Q” announcement in order to take her on.

You will need to be in the Belfry in order to start this mission. While there, go to the Case Files section of the Batcomputer and launch the mission from there. After a cutscene, you will find yourself just outside of the Monarch Theater. Head towards the back alley that will be marked by a white icon on the screen, and you will run into four Freaks. Take care of them, then climb over a nearby fence into an alleyway towards the white icon. Crouch through the next fence you see and walk through the entrance to enter the Monarch Theater.

gotham knights harley quinn 1.2 fence

Once you’re inside, follow the path until you see a branch off to the left to grab a chest, then keep going through the main path until you run into a room with three Freaks. Take them out, then interact with the nearby control panel on the wall to move the stage — if you have trouble seeing it, use your AR to highlight it more clearly.

gotham knights harley quinn 1.2 control panel

Three more enemies will show up afterward. Defeat them, then use your AR to scan the nearby crates in the room. Doing this will cause a door to open with three more Freaks to spawn, and you’ll need to take care of them as well.

gotham knights harley quinn 1.2 chest

Once they’re dealt with, go into the next room. Turn left to go through a vent, which will lead to a chest, then turn around and go back through the vent. Go up the stairs, where you’ll find a room with five Freaks. After defeating them however you’d like, there will be two more chests to the left of where you came in. Afterward, go straight forward from where you entered to find a room with a vent, and on the other side you’ll find five more Freaks that you’ll need to defeat. Once you’re done, enter the gate in the middle of the room to trigger a cutscene.

After the cutscene, you will enter a boss fight. This boss fight is three stages long, seeing you fight Basher and Blazer individually at first, before dropping you into a bomb filled room to fight them both. If you are having trouble with this fight, you can check out our dedicated guide to it below:

Once you defeat Basher & Blazer, a cutscene will trigger. Once it ends, you will have completed this mission, unlocking Mission 1.3 – Paging Dr. Q.

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