How to Find a Way Out of the Owl Sphere Room – Gotham Knights

After being captured by the Court of Owls in Mission 5.2 – Inside Gotham’s Walls, you’ll make your way through a trap-filled labyrinth, and eventually reach a room with a giant spherical owl’s head. You have to solve a puzzle to proceed — in this guide, we’ll show you exactly how to get out of this room.

Find a way out of the room

There are fours witches in the room, and you’ll have to touch all four within a limited amount of time. There are two circular switches on the floor — these can be activated simply by standing on them. The other two switches are on opposite walls, and must be grappled to. Like the floor switches, once you’re on top of them, they will trigger automatically. You’ll know if you triggered a switch successfully, since it will make a noise and the symbol on (or above) it will turn from blue to yellow.

Warning If you don’t touch all four switches within the time limit, the puzzle will lock, and you’ll be attacked by a pair of Talons. You’ll have to defeat these enemies before you can start the puzzle again.

Once you hit all four switches fast enough, the sphere in the middle of the room will rotate, shining a spotlight on the newly-revealed red doors. Head through them to continue with the mission.

exit door how to find a way out of the owl sphere head room gotham knights puzzle

We hope this walkthrough of the puzzle room in Mission 5.2 was helpful! Comments and suggestions are welcome below.

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