Gotham Knights Case HQ01: Harley Quinn

After completing Case 01, you will unlock the optional Case HQ01: Harley Quinn. This is a side dealing with the return of Harley Quinn, and the chaos she and her freaks have been causing around Gotham. Once unlocked, this Case can be done at any time.

How to Unlock the Harley Quinn Case File

To access Harley Quinn’s missions, you must complete Case 01, ending with 1.4 – Blackgate Blues. Afterward, speak to Alfred about where Harley may have gone, and you’ll be pointed in the direction of the Freaks to begin the case. The first mission, HQ01: 1.1 – Harley Quinn Returns, will begin with a crime in Robinson Park, in North Gotham.

To see a walkthrough for a specific Harley Quinn mission, select one from the options below.

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