Gotham Knights Mission 1.1 – Kirk Langstrom

This is the very first mission in Gotham Knights, and serves as a tutorial. After finishing the opening cutscene, you’ll have to decide who gets to talk to Langstrom — the character you choose will be the character you play until Mission 1.3.

After choosing, you’ll finally get to start playing the game! Head straight forward towards the closed doors with the guiding diamond in front of them, then hold forward + A to scale the wall. Continue holding forward and the button to climb up onto the roof and drop down through the open skylight.

In the room full of paintings, head towards the door indicated by the circle and hold the indicated button to open it. Then, follow the white diamonds as they lead you across the rooftops, making sure you hold A so that you leap across the gaps and scale the walls. You’ll see a brief cutscene, and then you’ll have to learn how to grapple. The diamond on your screen will have an arrow that indicates where to look — once you see the symbol (circled below) for grappling, press LB to grapple to that spot.

gotham knights walkthrough mission 1.1 kirk langstrom grappling

From there, you’ll be able to grapple to the Moulton Hall balcony indicated by the diamond. Inside, head down the hall and take a left into the open doorway of the lit office. Inside, hold down on the D-Pad and aim the scanning reticule at the scratches on the floor.

gotham knights walkthrough mission 1.1 kirk langstrom scratches

This will cause a trail of marks to appear — follow the trail out of the office and into the hall. They’ll lead to a door, so open it and continue down the next hall and then turn right and down the stairs. The trail continues into a lab, where you’ll need to hold A to vault through the broken window and down into the lab below. Walk towards the workstation and another cutscene will play, and then you need to turn right (facing towards where the trail ends) and use the AR-targeting. You’ll see a yellow mechanism in the floor — scan it with the AR. This will reveal a connection to the workstation — walk over to it and hold A to interact with it and begin your first Crime Scene Investigation.

In these investigations, you’ll use your cursor to highlight clues. Pressing X will mark a clue — connecting the two correct clues and pressing Y will solve the crime and let you progress.

Highlight and then mark the sticky note (which indicates “The passcode is 127) and the microwave (which indicates “The input device is the microwave”), then press Y to solve.

gotham knights walkthrough mission 1.1 kirk langstrom workstation puzzle solution

This will open a hidden door in the wall to your right, so walk over and head into the newly-opened passage. inside, turn left and drop down, then continue through the hallway, following the black cables on the ground into a room full of strange specimens. Head past the large tanks and up the stairs, then continue to the desk on the other side of the room. There, you’ll find a hard drive — pick it up and then leave the way you came in.

gotham knights walkthrough mission 1.1 kirk langstrom hard drive location

The white diamonds will again guide you, but note that you’ll need to grapple to get back up into the lab where you solved the puzzle. Continue following the diamonds, and they’ll take you to a door — open it and head outside to start a cutscene. Once it ends, you’ll get your first taste of combat in Gotham Knights. Follow the Tutorial instructions, and once the enemy is defeated, follow the white diamond to the door and head inside Hummel hall.

Here, you’ll again get a tutorial, this time on stealth takedowns. Press in on the right-stick to sneak, then get behind the guy standing in the foyer and take him out with X. Continue up the stairs on your left, and you’ll find a few more enemies with their backs turned. You can use Y to do a Silent Takedown, or just use X again while behind them. Continue forward and take out the remaining two Freaks — the last one will be by a window. Hop up onto the windowframe with A, then press down on the D-Pad to scan the area and reveal enemy locations.

Once you’ve done that, you can grapple to the statue in the middle of the yard outside, and from there leap onto an enemy with a silent takedown by pressing Y. Press in on the right-stick to sneak again, and try to eliminate the other two enemies here without being seen (to earn yourself some extra rewards). Once they’ve all been defeated, you’ll get another guiding diamond — this one leads you to Woolfolk Hall, so head on in! Inside you’ll face your first ranged foe. This one throws an area-of-effect attack: you’ll know you’re being targeted by the 4 red lines around your feet, and once the enemy attacks, you’ll see a red circle that indicates the area you need to avoid.

Use B to roll out of the attack, then defeat this foe. Follow the diamond up the stairs to see another brief cutscene, then walk over to the railing. If you want, you can hold Left Trigger and then press Right Trigger while aiming to do some damage while you’re safely out of range of the melee enemies, or you can just leap down and start the fight. This will be your first tough fight against multiple foes, so make good use of dodges, and press right on the D-Pad if you need to heal. Once these foes go down, yet another cutscene will play, and then you’ll face off against your first Heavy enemy.

To damage these types of enemies, you’ll need to hold down X and do a heavy melee attack — this will temporarily break their gaurd and let you damage them. Their attacks (indicated by red highlighting around their weapon) cannot be interrupted, so you must evade them, then use your heavy melee attack. After a successful guard break, you can get a combo or two in, then you’ll need to avoid their counter attack and heavy melee attack them once again.

Once the Heavy goes down, you’ll get another cutscene, then find yourself on a balcony outside. Jump down to the street, then press up on the D-Pad to call the Batcycle. Follow the yellow GPS arrows to return to the Belfry — don’t forget that you have to hold A and Wheelie to get over obstacles in your path.

In the Belfry, you’ll be able to level up your skills (with Perfect Evade being the only available choice at this time) and check out your first Momentum Ability. Once you’re ready to continue to the next mission, open the Batcomputer with the Options button or by walking over to it, and then use the Map to select The Belfry and hit A to start your next patrol.

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