Secret Cache Locations – Gotham Knights

Scattered throughout the city of Gotham Knights are Secret Caches that act as a collectible. While called Secret Caches, they are actually hidden audio recordings from Bruce Wayne. You will be able to start collecting them once you complete Case 01, and there are 12 spread out across Gotham City.

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Once available for collection, the Secret Caches will be marked on your map with a white briefcase. When you make it to the map location, activate a plate on the ground to start a short time trial — you will have to go through all of the blue markers that show up within a time limit. Once completed, your AR will point you to the cache, which will be close to where the trial ended.

You will not be able to grab all of them at once, however. Only a certain amount will be shown at a time, and once you find all the Caches currently marked, you will have to go to the Belfry for new locations to be added. Alternatively, if you quit the game after finding all the Caches on the map, the new batch will appear when you reload it. What this means is that after finding the first Cache, the second batch will show up; once you’ve collected all the Caches in the second batch, the third will show up, and so on.

Here are the locations of all the Secret Caches in Gotham Knights:

  • Cache #1 – Financial District
  • Cache #2 – Financial District
  • Cache #3 – The Cauldron
  • Cache #4 – Southside
  • Cache #5 – Old Gotham
  • Cache #6 – Tricorner Island
  • Cache #7 – Bowery
  • Cache #8 – Otisburg
  • Cache #9 – West End
  • Cache #10 – Gotham Heights
  • Cache #11 – Bristol
  • Cache #12 – Bristol

Below, you’ll find maps and details on where to find all the caches.

The first Cache will be found in the Financial District, on the roof of a building Southwest from the Elliot Center.

Financial District – On the roof of Quartz Labs.

The Cauldron – Just south of Paris Island.

Southside – Southeast of Cobblepot Steel.

Old Gotham – On the roof of a building on Neville Street.

Tricorner Island – On a building just east of Quarterdeck Road.

Bowery – On the roof of the Monarch Theater.

Otisburg – On the roof of a building southeast of Wayne Tower.

West End – North of the Gotham City Gazette.

Gotham Heights – On the roof of a building near the intersection of Bierce Avenue and Chambers Street.

Bristol – On the lower roof of a building that has the Gotham Reservoir billboard on it. While this appears to be in Robinson Park, the game considers this Cache to be in Bristol.

Bristol – On the roof of a building near the intersection of Mercey Avenue and Oxylus Street.

Finding all of the Secret Caches will unlock the Knight Ops suit for Transmog and the Steel Colorway for the Batcycle. You will also earn the ‘Gotham City Confidential’ achievement.

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