How to Change Your Suit Style – Gotham Knights

Did you get a new piece of gear, but like the look of your old suit more? This guide will walk you through the steps to change the appearance of your suit, including changing the Style through transmog, and customizing the Colorway and various components of the suit.

Note that in order to unlock a new suit Style and Colorway, you will first need to craft a suit with them. For example, crafting the Beyond Suit will unlock the Beyond Style and Ultra Zurr-En-Arrh Colorways for customization.

The option to transmog your suit to a different Style can be found in the Batcomputer Menu, under Gear, then under Styles. The top option will be what Style you want your suit to look like. Simply move left or right to scroll through the different Style options, and you can pick whichever one you prefer (and have unlocked).

gotham knights transmog
You can see what all the suit Styles look like, even if you haven’t unlocked them

Keep in mind that if you transmog to a different Style, you will not be able to change the suit’s Colorway or components.

If you’re happy with your current suit’s Style, you can choose to customize the Colorway and various components of it. Colorways are basically the color palette of the suit, while the components include the Cowl, Symbol, Gloves, or Boots, all of which you can change the appearance of.

gotham knights colorways
Just like with Styles, you can see all Colorways, even if they’re not unlocked

The option to change these can also be found under the Gear and Styles option within the Batcomputer Menu.

If you want to revert back to the character’s original look for Gotham Knights, you must first craft a suit that has the New Guard Style. Then, change the Colorway to Iconic Alpha, and that’s it!

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