Gotham Knights Clayface Mission 1.1 – The Malleable Mugger

This mission is the first in a series of side missions involving the classic Batman villain Clayface. Unlike the main story missions, this plot thread isn’t immediately accessible, and only unlocks after completing Case 02: The Rabbit Hole.

After you’ve unlocked Case 03, you’ll have to go to West End, which is the district northwest of the Belfry, just across the bridge (1). Once there, use your AR Scanner (button xbox dpad down, computer key x t ) and look for upside down orange triangles (2); these indicate that a Clayface crime is occuring is at the location. Head to the closest of these crimes — You’ll know you’ve got the right crime if you find a Faceless Mugger — and defeat the goopy goon there.

Each time you defeat a Faceless Mugger, you’ll acquire a sample of clay. Collect five of these, and then you can head back to the Belfry to have the samples analyzed. Doing so will unlock the Clayface Case File, as well as the next mission: 1.2 – Disturbance at Dixon Docks.

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