How to Breach the Blast Door – Gotham Knights

After you find Jacob Kane in Mission 6.2 – The Voice of the Court, he immediately runs away, through layers and layers of security. One such security layer is the blast door found in the large hanger near the end of the mission. To breach it, you’ll have to do quite a bit of back-and-forth between a couple of control panels — in this guide, we’ll show you exactly how to breach the blast doors and continue pursuing Kane.

Before you can mess with the puzzle at all, you’ll need to clear the area of Court members. They’re spread out and/or facing away from one another such that it’s possible to get stealth takedowns on all of them. After you’ve cleared the last owl out of the hanger, stand in front of the large blast door and use your AR scanner (button xbox dpad down/ computer key x t ). Scan the door, and then you’ll be prompted to find a way through it.

scanning the door how to breach blast door gotham knights puzzle

First, grapple up to the catwalk directly above the blast door (1), stand in front of the control console, and holdbutton xbox a/ playstation x button / computer key e t on the left-hand button (2) — it should say “Move Laser Up”. Doing this will cause another group of enemies to enter the hangar; you’ll need to defeat them, and then you can use the right-hand button on the same control console (3) — it should say “Move Laser Left”.

Next, you’ll need to go to the other control console across the hangar (1). There, interact with the right-hand button to “Rotate Platform” (2). Again, enemies will show up and attack you — dispatch them and then hit the Rotate Platform button two more times.

Just a few more button presses to go! Return to the first console (the one above the blast door), and press the left-hand button to “Move Laser Down” (1). Then go back to the other console, where you should be able to press the left-hand button labeled “Activate Laser” (2).

After a brief delay, the laser will fire, punching a hole in the blast door. You can then continue through and keep chasing Jacob Kane.

We hope this walkthrough on the blast door puzzle in Gotham Knights was helpful! Questions and suggestions welcome in the comments below.

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