Street Art Mural Locations – Gotham Knights

There are Street Art Murals spread out in Gotham, and are one of the collectables in Gotham Knights. These are large paintings that appear on the sides of buildings. In order to ‘collect’ them, you will have to scan them via AR. There are a total of 12 Murals spread throughout Gotham City. Below we will go over where each one is located.

Green Gotham (Financial District) – If you run along the railroad going west from the Belfry, it will be on the side of the first building to the right.

Born This Way (West End) – It will be at the corner of Grant Lane and Croydon Avenue.

Our Friend Jowl (West End) – In the middle of North Madison Street, you will find a building next to the Blasdell gas station. The mural will be on one of these walls.

Simpler Times (Old Gotham) – It will be on the intersection of Crowne Avenue and Rosserie Street.

Gotham Piers (Tricorner Island) – It will be on a building between Hawkins Avenue and St. Adrian Avenue, right next to the ramp leading to the bridge.

Stolen Gotham (The Cauldron) – It will be west of Diangelo Avenue, next to the higher street.

Faces of Gotham (The Cauldron) – It will be on the west end of Harrow Road, near the Third Street bridge.

Lyceum Mural (Bowery) – Just before getting on Robbins Bridge to the north, you will find the mural on the right.

Origin of Evil (Otisburg) – Under the railway going east of Wayne Tower.

GCU (Gotham Heights) – On the southwest corner of Gotham Heights, go down the off ramp going east. The Mural will be on a building to the left.

The March of Crabs (Robinson Park) – On the west side of Robinson Park, you will find a statue of a globe with tentacles. Continue west from here, and the Mural will be under Chambers Street on a wall to the left.

See Us (Bristol) – North of Exhibition Avenue, there will be an area with several large buildings. The Mural will be inside one of the inner walls, next to a basketball field.

Finding all of the Murals will give you the achievement ‘Claiming the Mural High Ground.’ You will also get 750 Epic Rarity Regulators, Programmable Nanocapsules, and Pseudoderms.

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