League of Shadows Faction Guide – Gotham Knights

Appearing for the first time in Mission 4.2 – The Orchard Hotel, the League of Shadows is a deadly group of assassins, formerly lead by the deadly Ra’s al Ghul. Their Lazarus-Pit-infused teleportation powers compliment their deadly blades and cannons, making them some of the most agile, imposing enemies in Gotham. Because they lack easier-to-dispatch enemies like Brawlers and Shooters, building Momentum against them can prove quite difficult, often forcing you to rely on dodging and countering to take them on.

The League of Shadows drops Khadym Steel and Amalgam. They appear throughout Gotham after their introduction in Mission 4.2, though they tend to be found on rooftops and in more isolated locations than the other factions.

gk assassin

Assassins make up the bulk of the force of the League of Shadows. These black-clad ninjas each wield two deadly blades, and possess the ability to teleport by disappearing and reappearing in thick clouds of black smoke. They deal high damage, and are able to deftly avoid most attacks via teleportation when done against their idle states. All this combined makes them some of the most non-miniboss difficult enemies to fight.

The key thing to remember with League of Shadows Assassins is to react, rather than act. Since they are mostly only vulnerable to counterattacks, you should be waiting for them to disappear and — knowing an attack is coming — be ready to dodge as soon as they reappear. Luckily, once you counter-attack, you can usually get quite a long combo in. While these ninjas are excellent at avoiding being hit, once they’ve been struck once, they will be easy to wail on. While you are beating one down, however, remember to be mindful that you won’t be ambushed by others; they tend to attack in small groups. Also worth keeping in mind is the difficulty to build momentum against Assassins, since they attack in smaller numbers and are harder to hit.

gk rocketeer

Though their companions might boast agility and stealth, Rocketeers instead rely on exactly one thing: comically huge rocket launchers. Though they are tankier and deal much more damage, these Rocketeers occupy essentially the same role as Shooters, and should be treated similarly. They will try to distract and interrupt you from fighting their more adept Assassins, and so should be taken out before you are caught off guard. Their slow movement and simple mechanics make them a breeze to deal with, so they shouldn’t pose much trouble, as long as you don’t let them hit you. Important to keep in mind is that they can fire two shots in a single volley, instead of just one, so you should be ready to dodge a second time after avoiding the first hit.

gk man bat 2

First appearing as a miniboss in Mission 7.2 – Talia al Ghul, Man-bats are tough enemies with a wide move set. Utilized by the League of Assassins, Man-Bats are only really fought by themselves or in small groups, making them manageable. Once you’ve gotten some practice, Man-Bats become simply fun to fight, being some of the more visually and mechanically enjoyable enemies in the game.

The trick to Man-Bats is to be ready to dodge to avoid attacks, and then to punish hard, since there is little chance of interruption from the small groups they are a part of. You also have to be able to memorize their move set, including a spinning charge, a screech, a few wing-swipes, and a lunging attack from the air. Once you have these attacks down, you should be able to dispatch them fairly easily, so long as you don’t let yourself get pinned by Assassins or Rocketeers.

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