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Don’t like the look of the base suit, or the new armor you found? Fortunately, in Gotham Knights, you can apply transmogs to any armor you have, modifying the suit style of your currently equipped loadout. In this guide, we’ll explain how each suit style is unlocked, and give a little bit of background on some of the designs.

Suit styles are unlocked in different ways: some are exclusive to the deluxe and collector’s edition of the game, some are unlocked in-game. Most of the suit styles can be unlocked by crafting a suit with that Style.

Deluxe/Collector’s Edition Only

Unlocked via in-game progress

In this next section, we’ll show off each Suit Skin set, and discuss the origin and/or the design of the suits where applicable.

new guard suit style gotham knights 1

The default skin style, New Guard is what you’ve seen in most of the promo materials for the game. Unlike most of the suit styles, these can be customized, not only with different colors but modified pieces and emblems as well — some of these customization options are shown in the image above.

titan suit style gotham knights

The Titan skins are an interesting mix of aesthetics, with Batgirl and Nightwing getting simple, subdued suits while Red Hood and Robin both have brighter colors and more accouterments in general.

eternal suit style gotham knights

The origin of this suit style seems to be the Red Robin character, alter-ego of Tim Drake, who was the Batman’s third Robin sidekick, later becoming a superhero in his own right. The other characters’ outfits are all variations on the Red Robin look, albeit with their own styles.

year one suit style gotham knights

Batman: Year One was a Frank Miller comic book that took place during Batman’s early years as a crime fighter. These suit styles include a lot of regular streetwear, suggesting that when the four Knights were first fighting crime, they wore outfits like these.

neon noir suit style gotham knights

The phrase “Neon Noir” is something of an oxymoron, but one could argue these suits are indeed shiny and dark.

demon suit style gotham knights

These intimidating skins give all of the heroes a dark, sinister look — Red Hood in particular is rocking a scary suit in this line.

privateer suit style gotham knights

These pirate-themed suit styles seem out of place in Gotham, but perhaps criminals will be so confused by their design that they’ll be less capable of fighting back.

metal suit style gotham knights

This shiny suit style sticks with the base suits’ color palettes, but adds lots of armor and a metallic gleam.

knight ops suit style gotham knights

The Knight Ops suit styles have an urban-camo color palette, and feature utilitarian aesthetics like belts and pouches, plus forearm blades for Nightwing.

shinobi suit style gotham knights v2

These suit styles are clearly influenced by samurai-armor, and both Batgirl and Nightwing are rocking high ponytails often associated with Japanese warriors in media.

talon suit style gotham knights v2

The Court of the Owls isn’t just the game’s main group of villains, they’re also the inspiration for this suit style. The feathers are a nice touch.

knighthood suit style gotham knights

These nearly all-black, utilitarian looks are very close to the later-era Batman costumes — these unlock automatically once you beat the game.

gotham knights beyond

Fans of the Batman Beyond animated series will instantly recognize this suit style — the dark suits and clean lines were a hallmark of the series, and the glowing eyes in the Gotham Knight suits add to the menace.

gotham knights knightwatch

These classic looking suits were designed by Jim Lee, who has had a long, successful career in comics (and is currently the Chief Creative Officer of DC Comics). These suits tend towards the character’s original designs, with all of the characters looking much as they did in their comic books.

gotham knights raider

The newest suits released as part of the Kelvin Incident event has everyone heavily armored up and ready to take on the new raid. It is unlocked by clearing all 15 floors of the Kelvin Incident.

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