How to Locate Minibosses – Gotham Knights

Several challenges and side missions in Gotham Knights require you to defeat minibosses. Early on, these tough criminals can be quite elusive, but rest assured, this guide will make finding them simple!

There are two places to find minibosses. The first is in missions, where you will fight vast quantities of enemies at one, some of them being minibosses. However, this is actually not the easiest way to find minibosses. Instead, the easiest way is simply to go to crimes. After you reach level 5, pretty much every crime in Gotham, whether they be premeditated (red) or random (gray), will have a miniboss present. Simply go to them and beat up the miniboss to win!

If you are looking for a specific miniboss, such as a Freaks Bulldozer or a Mob Godmother, you simply have to make sure the crime that you are going to is for the correct gang. The map will tell you which gangs are active in which areas, as well as which gang is committing any given premeditated crime. In order to find the correct miniboss, you just need to make sure you are going to crimes with the gang that your miniboss is a part of.

gk informant random crime 1
That marker not only indicates a crime; but it also shows me that there is a miniboss 179 meters away from me!
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1 year ago

Whoever made this “guide” is a fucking moron. Literally none of what is mentioned here is fact. Those white triangles simply point you to interrogation suspects which point to other crimes.