Clayface (First Fight) – Gotham Knights Boss Guide

You will have the first fight with Clayface during Villain Case CF1.2: Disturbance at Dixon Docks, and the second fight within the same Case not long after, during CF1.3 (check our guide for Clayface’s second fight after this one). The Clayface trio is tough and maneuverable, phasing through the floors and then erupting to catch you by surprise. In the second Phase, the trio will be joined by Clay minions, who can be dispatched of quickly, but will become explosive and able to respawn immediately in Phase 3.

Case: Villain Case CF1.2: Disturbance at Dixon Docks
Recommended level: 10-13
Rewards: 20100XP, 1x Heroic Suit of your level, (Bronze Trophy) “The Show Mud Go On”

Quick Tips:

  • Use crowd control, AoE, and environmental damage whenever you can. Catch Clayfaces on fire.
  • Clayfaces phase through the floor. If you lose sight of one, prepare to dodge.
  • If you see green flashing, interrupt it with a heavy attack.
  • If you see bubbles step away.
  • Clay minions should be dispatched first in Phase 2, focus on Clayfaces in Phase 3.
  • Tough and quick. Clayface’s fight is all about managing multiple tough, maneuverable enemies. Crowd control, area of effect abilities, and environmental damage types can all be used to great effect.
    • Distract with Fire. Catching any of the Clayfaces on fire will cause them to stop for a moment to put it out, letting you focus on damaging the others.
  • Phases through floor. Clayface can go through the floor and travel at speed, and then pop up to attack you. You should be mindful of where all Clayfaces are, and be ready to dodge whenever you see one go through the floor.
    • One is gone = dodge. It seems like Clayface likes to do this when he is offscreen, so be prepared to dodge if any of them ever leave your sight.
gk clayface trio 2
Area of Effect Momentum Abilities can damage all three Clayfaces at the same time

Green flashing = use a heavy attack. Keep the pressure on Clayface. If they begin flashing green, it means they are about to resurrect another Clayface, which you can prevent with a heavy melee attack. When a Clayface is revived, it is at full health.

Fists stretch out for long range. Clayface’s attacks have surprising range, as his fists are elastic and stretch far in front of him.

Bubbles = spikes. When Clayface slams the ground, watch out for clay bubbles beneath your feet, which will erupt into clay spikes a moment later.

Once you have defeated the main three Clayfaces (at about 3/4 health), they will be joined by clay minions.

Kill minions first. While not particularly dangerous, they can easily pull your attention away from the main Clayfaces, giving them time to resurrect each other. However, they do not respawn, so dealing with them first is ideal.

gk clayface trio horde

After defeating the main Clayfaces for the second time, they will again respawn, along with more clay minions.

Minions explode and respawn. These clay minions will explode when damaged and respawn indefinitely, making them substantially more dangerous than they were before. Focus on defeating Clayfaces.

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