Secret Identity Compromised Locations – Gotham Knights

After completing the first Main Case in Gotham Knights, ‘Batman’s Last Case,’ you will receive an email from Batman, telling you that his secret identity is at risk of being compromised, and then unlock a Side Mission called ‘Secret Identity Compromised.’ For this mission, you will have to visit a variety of locations in Gotham City and intercept data to protect Bruce’s identity.

These are stealth missions — if you get caught at any time, you will fail for the night and will have to wait until the next patrol to try again. Alternatively, you can reload your save file, which will allow you to try again. Only one of these points will be available and marked on your map at a time. Once one Secret Identity Compromised is completed, you will have to wait until the next patrol to see the next location.

Below we will go over each of the five Secret Identity Compromised locations, and what you will have to do to navigate each one.

The first location will be on top of the Gotham City Gazette build, and will be guarded by 3 cameras. Disable the cameras needed to get to the server panel, then hack it to plant the fake evidence.

This one will be at the GCPD Major Crimes Unit, and is guarded by two cameras, a laser grid directly in front of the panel, and a patrolling guard. Do not attempt to take out the guard, as doing so will set off an alert and get you caught.

Instead, go to the side opposite of the lower camera to find a panel that will shut off the other one — then you can shut off the lower camera. You will now have access to the panel to take down the laser grid. Then, hack the panel it was guarding to upload the fake data.

The third location will take you to the Wayne Tech building, and you will need to go inside. The front entrance is heavily guarded, so you will need to find a vent to the right of the entrance to enter. Once inside, you will have to deal with laser grids, cameras, and pressure plates — these plates will trigger an alarm if you stand on them for too long.

Go to the right from where you drop down, and make your way under the camera. Then, move quickly past a pressure plate and laser grid. Then, sneak under another camera to find a panel that will disable the laser grid guarding your goal. Make your way to the new entrance to hack the panel and plant fake evidence.

The next panel will be at the GCPD Warehouse. Here you will find a couple of cameras, two patrolling guards, and a fenced-off area with pressure plates (that’s where the panel is). Shut off the cameras and use the panel that will disable the pressure plates. The plates will only be disabled temporarily, so quickly climb the fence afterwards and hack the panel there.

The final location is at the Iceberg Lounge. Just like with the Wayne Tech building, you will need to enter the Iceberg Lounge through a vent. Once inside, you will see a laser grid that will periodically turn off for a few seconds. Go through it when you can, then use the panel to disable the pressure plate in a nearby hallway. Quickly make your way through the hallway while avoiding the camera.

On the other side of the hallway, there will be another laser grid that periodically turns off — you will see two paths once you cross it. If you take the side path, you can turn off a camera to grab a chest. On the main path, use another panel to disable more pressure plates, then make your way to the main panel to hack it and upload fake information.

Completing the Secret Identity Compromised mission will grant you the ‘Sold Alibi’ achievement, as well as unlock the Chroma Gray Ghost Colorway.

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