How to Unlock Glider Flying – Gotham Knights

Grappling hook is mostly okay to get by, but it’s not the most effective means of travel for longer distances. While you still work to unlock fast travel points, Gliding is the next best thing available to you. Each of the 4 characters has their own special way of flying between the buildings (or teleporting, if you are Robin), and you can unlock it for each of them.

The Glider Flying ability, or “Heroic Traversal”, is the first ability in the Knighthood Skill tree.
It’s unique for each character:

  • Batgirl — Batwings (glider)
  • Robin — Slideways (short-range teleportation)
  • Red Hood — Mystical Leap (spirit platforms)
  • Nightwing — Flying Trapeze (glider)

In order to unlock it for a character, you have to complete their Knighthood Challenges:

  • Timed Strike Training — Complete Timed Strike Training
  • One Step Ahead — Stop 10 Premeditated Crimes
  • Against All Odds — Defeat 3 Minibosses

You can view your current Knighthood Challenges task list on your Batcomputer at any time — just navigate to the Challenges tab. Note that if you have done some of the training exercises for your character back at the Belfry, you might already have the Timed Strike Training completed.

We have a dedicated guide for Completing the Knighthood Challenges — if you want to see a detailed breakdown and some tips on completing each of the challenges, you should definitely check it out.

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