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Mods are a useful way for you to further customize your suits and weapons in Gotham Knights. These little chips bring additional stat power for your gear, making you that much stronger. It’s a simple system on surface, but we still have a few tips to share with you to help you get the most out of it!

Mods come in all rarities and levels. They, like your gear, will also have a Power Level, and new mods dropped will usual be at or near your current level. They offer a unique stat boost or effect that will carry over to the gear you equip them on.

gk stats mods
An example of a mod’s Stats sheet

Mods are a common loot drop for you throughout the game. They are rewarded for completing missions and challenges, for defeating enemies, and for looting chests. Completing challenges for Lucius Fox are the only way to get unique FoxTeca Mods (gk fox mod), which are of heroic quality.

gk mod drops 1
Mods are frequent loot given during missions and combat
gk mod drop 1
Mods dropped from enemies will show up on the ground for a second, then go to your inventory

To equip your mods, simply open the Batcomputer and navigating to the “Gear” tab, then to the “Mods” tab within that. They can only be put into suits and weapons with open mod slots. The higher the rarity the gear, the more mod slots it will have, with all legendary gear having the maximum of three mod slots.

  • gk health mod Health: Available for suits only, these mods upgrade your health.
  • gk critical damageRanged Critical Damage: Available for ranged weapons only, these mods increase critical damage.
  • gk critical modMelee Critical Damage: Available for melee weapons only, these mods increase critical damage.
  • gk elemental modElemental Effect: Available for melee and ranged weapons, these mods increase elemental effect buildup.

It is worth noting that a mod’s power level is determined only by its rarity and its level, meaning that all mods at the same rarity and level always have the same power level. For instance, epic rarity mods at level 30 will always have a power level of 456, regardless of its effect or where it is equipped.

gk fuse mods

One easily overlooked feature is Fusing Modchips. This allows you to combine multiple of them into a single, more powerful Modchip (in theory). Selecting multiple rarities, levels, and types typically results in the best of the bunch being chosen for the result. Once you have the chips selected, you will see a preview of the outcome in the section underneath the “Chips Selected” section. Level and rarity doesn’t affect the process as much — the result will typically be the highest level of the bunch.

It is worth noting that fusing mods is mostly pointless in the game as is, since you will only ever create mods of the same rarity and level as what you put in and, as previously mentioned, those are the only things that go into determining both a mod’s power level, and the power of it’s effects. There are also so few mod types that you will never get anything new from fusing mods. Typically, this means that fusing mods simply turns four of a mod into one, identical mod.

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