Gotham Knights Mr. Freeze Mission 1.4 – Gotham City on Ice

In this mission, we will finally be taking on Mr. Freeze in order to stop his attack on the city via his new “Storm Engine.” This mission is primarily the vehicle for the first Mr. Freeze boss fight, but does have some things you’ll need to do before you get there.

To start the mission, you’ll need to start in the Belfry. Talk to Alfred about Mr. Freeze in order to unlock the mission itself, and then navigate to your Case Files and find the mission, where you can launch it.

gk 00001 launch

After you launch the mission, a cutscene will play. Afterward, you will be teleported outside the Belfry, facing the iced-over Elliot Center, where Mr. Freeze has set up his Storm Engine on the roof.

gk 00002 freeze icon

In order to reach him, though, you’ll need to scale the tower, and take out his Regulator goons along the way. The first of these groups of goons will be at the base of Elliot Center, where Mr. Freeze’s mission icon is. There will be a group of 8 Regulators in this area, who you’ll need to clear out before progressing. You’ll also be given the bonus objective to perform 5 Ambush Takedowns. Because each of these will get the attention of the baddies, this bonus will necessitate the use of smoke grenades and rafters.

gk 00003 smoke

After you’ve taken out all the Regulators here, a GCPD Helicopter will come into the area and open up a path for you above the Elliot Center’s front door. Simply look up after it does and grapple to the white diamond to, then continue forward. There will be a red flair marking the path you need to take; get used to this, as red flares will continue to mark the intended path going forward.

Continue along the path, taking out the two Regulators on the way to the next group of enemies. Eventually, you’ll reach an area where you’ll crouch down, and on the other side will be another group of 8 Regulators. This time, your bonus objective will be to take them out with Heavy Melee Attacks, incentivizing a brawl over stealth.

Make sure to be aware of the sniper above, who will be taking shots at you. They do not count as one of the 8 enemies you’ll need to take out, and will be defeated by the helicopter once you take out their friends, which will also open up the path forward.

Grapple to where the sniper was and continue along the path. You’ll need to take out two more Regulators and continue following the red-flare-marked path (looking up to check for grapple points when you reach dead ends). Eventually, you’ll come to an ice bridge, where a cutscene will trigger causing you to be thrown into the building itself. After opening the door in front of you, you’ll come across a room full of enemies.

Since your bonus objective is to perform Silent Takedowns, you should immediately go to the left or right in order to go upstairs, where the enemies are more spread out and facing away from you. You should be able to easily get the 5 Takedowns needed, and then can clear the rest of the enemies however you wish. After doing so, make sure to head downstairs, to the area left of the obvious exit, to grab the chest in this room. Then you can continue through the marked door.

gk 00009 chest

Grapple up, then continue forward to the next marked opening. Then, grapple up another ice ledge, where you’ll finally come into the boss arena. As soon as you interact with the machine by Installing the Disrupter, a cutscene will play. After it finishes, you’ll be pitted again Mr. Freeze. See our guide below to see how to beat him:

After you defeat Mr. Freeze, a cutscene will play, and then you’ll be taken back the Belfry, completing the mission. Though Mr. Freeze might be locked away at Blackgate, though, his story isn’t over yet. Instead, you’ll now have access to Mission 1.5 – On Thin Ice.

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