How to Find the Biodecryption Key in Gotham Knights Mission 1.2 – The Langstrom Drive

In order to progress in the second mission, you’ll need to solve a Crime Scene Investigation puzzle at Langstrom’s corpse in the morgue. In this guide, we’ll explain how to access the puzzle, and give you its solution.

For a complete walkthrough of the second mission, check out our full guide on 1.2!

After the confrontation with Talia al Ghul, you’ll be able to proceed into the part of the morgue with Langstrom’s body. Walk over to it and hold A to investigate, which will brig up the Crime Scene Investigation menu. Once you’re inspecting the scene, simply hover your cursor over the Blood Glucometer and the Blood Vial, and mark them both. Then hit Y, and the puzzle is solved!

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