Clayface (Second Fight) – Gotham Knights Boss Guide

Like the previous mission, you can’t start this mission while on patrol. Instead, make sure you’re in the Belfry, then open the Batcomputer menu. Go into the Case Files tab and select the Clayface case, then highlight Mission 1.3 and hit the Launch button.

clayface missions how to activate gotham knights

The mission begins with you perched outside the reservoir. The objective icon will lead you to Detective Montoya — speak with her, and when the conversation ends, grapple up the ledge behind her (1), then head forwards to where the door icon indicates you can enter the reservoir (2). At the door, hold button xbox a/button xbox x/ computer key e t to enter. Inside, go forward and take a right, then go to the door in the gate and again hold button xbox a/button xbox x/ computer key e t. Another cutscene will play, and then the boss fight will begin.

Following your first fight with Clayface, you will have to fight him once again during Villain Case CF1.3: Rumble at the Reservoir. This fight will happen in four Phases: Clay Mass, escaping through the tunnels (obstacle course), hardened Clayface, and rock-hard Clayface. The tactics will change a little bit throughout, but one distinguishing feature of this fight will be charged, powerful strikes which will only get more painful the harder Clayface’s body becomes.

Case: Villain Case CF1.3: Rumble at the Reservoir
Recommended level: 23-26
Rewards: 13400XP, 1x Heroic Melee Weapon of your level, (Silver Trophy) Rock and a Hard Place, (Silver Trophy) End of an Era

Quick Tips:

  • In most of the Phases, one of the best times to land hits on Clayface is when he slams his arms on the ground.
  • In first Phase, the best way to avoid Clayface is to keep your distance.
  • During the escape, avoid hitting the sides and the grates, weave through attacks from above and avoid all others entirely.
  • Hardened Clayface will be slower.
  • Rock-hard Clayface will be faster. Swing behind him when he attacks and hit him.

You can’t hide. While the ledges might seem appealing during the first phase, use them with caution: Clayface can summon clay to sweep them and damage you very quickly, without interrupting his main mass’s attack. Similarly, hiding in the hallways on either side of the arena will prompt him to summon clay to clear them out. Don’t attack Clayface while he walks either, or the floor around him will deal poison damage to you.

However, you can hang from the ledge — it doesn’t appear that he can damage you while you’re there. This can be a good way to let long cooldowns (like Heroic abilities) recharge, and is also just a nice way to catch your breath.

Pumping fist = swinging attack. All of Clayface’s attacks here deal massive damage, especially his command grab, which he telegraphs by pumping his right fist in front of him before swinging it forward.

Attack when he slams down. One of the best times to land hits on Clayface is when he does a slam with his arms towards the ground.

No good ranged attacks. Aside from Clayface’s elastic-armed smash, he lacks ranged options. This means that you can largely stay on the ground level and at medium-to-long distance in order to avoid him.

At about 3/4 health, Clayface will smash the arena, eventually making you escape the area on the Batcycle, leading Clayface towards the next arena.

gk clayface mass batcycle
Pink is the fastest color

Avoid grates, keep up the speed. This section requires you to avoid grates from all directions while maintaining enough speed to stay ahead of the clay wave.

Avoid hitting the sides. Hitting the sides of the tunnels is the fastest way to slow yourself down.

From above = weave through, others = avoid. Attacks from above require you to weave through clay tendrils, directly below the source of the attack, while attacks from the side and bottom require you to avoid them entirely.

gk clayface mass phase two

New, slower attacks. Once you reach the smeltery, you will face a hardened version of Clayface. He has new attacks, most of them coming from his beefier set of secondary arms. However, he now attacks much more slowly, making this second phase much easier than the first.

Back to fists, quick attacks. At 1/3 Health, Clayface will harden even further, now mostly rock. He goes back to using two fists (in the shape of maces), but once again attacks quickly, with more damage. However, this phase is not too difficult if you fight reactively.

gk clayface mass phase three

Circle around his back and hit when Clayface attacks. He does jump around the arena more in this phase, so keeping your distance to avoid damage is harder. Instead, stay close and circle around to attack his backside whenever he attacks.

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