How to Solve Talia’s Lab Puzzle – Gotham Knights

Soon after starting Mission 7.2 – Talia Al Ghul, you’ll enter the ruins of Arkham Asylum and find Talia’s lab in the Solarium. Before exploring more of the asylum, you have to figure out what Talia’s experiments were — in this guide, we’ll show you how to investigate Talia’s lab and solve the related puzzle.

After entering the asylum, the objective marker will direct you up the stairs to the solarium. Then, you’ll get a new objective — “Scan the containment pod”. It’s as simple as it sounds: holdbutton xbox dpad down/ computer key x t , and scan the containment pod (1) that’s to your right after you go up the stairs. After completely scanning the pod, turn left and walk over to the nearby lab table. Hold button xbox a/ playstation x button / computer key e t at the table (2) to begin your investigation.

On the left side of the lab table are 4 tubes with different colors — mark the pink tube, second from the left (Serum V24.07) by highlighting it with the cursor and pressing button xbox a/ playstation x button / computer key e t . On the right are four green tubes — mark the third from the left (Genetic Marker Group M) the same way. With both tubes marked, you can hit button xbox y/ playstation triangle button / computer key q t to Solve the puzzle.

talias lab puzzle solution gotham knights

With the puzzle complete, you’ll be able to continue the mission and venture further into the asylum.

We hope this guide on solving the puzzle in Talia’s Lab was helpful! Questions and suggestions welcome below.

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