Gotham Knights Harley Quinn Mission 1.4 – Chaos in General

This is the final mission in the Harley Quinn Case, where you’ll need to stop Harley’s mind-controlling plans before it’s too late!

To begin this mission, head over to the Batcomputer in the Belfry and launch the mission from the Case Files tab. Doing so will start a cutscene. Afterward, you will be taken to Montoya, who is trying to contain a riot. Follow the white marker to the riot and take out all the enemies there.

gotham knights harley quinn 1.4 riot

Once they’re dealt with, use your AR to scan the civilian next to the toppled ambulance. Then turn right and go down the street to the ice cream truck, and use AR to scan the console inside of the truck. Then, interact with it to disable the signal.

Afterwards, keep following the white marker to enter the hospital from the roof, near the burning helicopter. There will be a few enemies in the way to take care of, then you can enter. Once inside, there will be a mostly linear path to follow (simply keep following the white objective marker) until you reach an elevator shaft to jump down. Take a path to the left in order to grab a chest, then continue on. While you follow this path, you’ll need to take care of any enemies you encounter on the way.

Once you’re in the next room, immediately turn right for a chest, then continue down the path and take down any Freaks and Devotees in the way. Eventually, you will run into a room with several citizens that you’ll need to rescue from six Freaks. Since you’re bonus objective here is to avoid taking damage, you should take them on carefully, and then head to the next room. Go upstairs to grab a chest, then go down to continue along the path (taking out any more Freaks on the way) until you reach a computer.

Interact with it to trigger a cutscene, then interact with the nearby elevator.

When you reach the bottom, you will have to fight 6 more Freaks, then go to the next room to fight another 5 enemies (who will be spread out). Grab the chest at the far end of this room, then go into the next area to fight another 8 Freaks. All of the Freaks in this room aside from the Bulldozers can be taken out with stealth, as well, to make the minibosses easier to deal with. Also beware of the trapped medical tables; getting too close to them will trigger and explosion after a moment that you’ll need to avoid. Once you’ve cleared this final room, crash through the window that has a white marker, which will trigger a cutscene.

After the cutscene, you’ll find yourself facing off against a boss: Harley Quinn. Her hammer gives her tons of combos, and she will be assisted by many brainwashed devotees, which can be tricky to balance. If you are having trouble with this fight, you can check out our dedicated guide to it below:

Once you defeat Harley, the mission, as well Harley Quinn’s entire case, will be completed. Congratulations!

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