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Some of Gotham Knights’ Challenges — and even a few of the story missions — require that you complete some specific Basic Training courses. However, you may have found that it isn’t as simple as going into the menu and selecting “Basic Training”. In this guide, we’ll show you exactly how to access the Basic Training.

Fortunately, while it isn’t as easy as going into the menu, it isn’t all that hard to access the Basic Training. All you have to do is find the training section of the Belfry, and walk up to the wooden dummy next to the creepy-looking training dummy. Hold the indicated button, and you’ll be taken to the Training Area, where you can select whatever practice session you like!

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Below, you’ll find a list of all of the training activities available — they’re all fairly self-explanatory. Each training session gives a small amount of XP. Training activities disappear from the Challenges menu once you’ve completed them, but you can always redo training by going to the Training Area.

Combat Basics

  • Interrogation Training
  • Grab Training
  • Stealth Training
  • Combo Training
  • Guard Break Training
  • Ranged Attacks Training
  • Smoke Bomb Training

Momentum Abilities

  • Momentum Training

Expert Techniques Training

  • Perfect Strike Training
  • Evade Training

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