Gotham Knights Harley Quinn Mission 1.3 – Paging Dr. Q

This mission will have you attempting to stop Dr. Q’s operations around Gotham City while you pin down her location.

To begin this mission, talk to Alfred in the Belfry. This will cause an orange-bordered Criminal in Hiding icon, labeled “Dr. Q’s Lab Rats,” to appear on the map at Tricorner Island. Head there and enter the lab by following the objective markers. Once inside, there will be a large group of enemies for you to take out here. You’ll also be given random bonus objectives, which you can complete for extra resources. You can choose to take defeat the Freaks with stealth or fight them head-on.

gotham knights harley quinn 1.3 dr. qs lab rats

After clearing out the lab, there will be a new orange-bordered Criminal Hideout icon, labeled “Dr. Q’s Lab Rats” on the map in North Gotham, at the Saul Erdel Planetarium. This is a meeting place for both Freaks and Regulators, so there will be a lot of enemies to deal with here. You can take out a couple of stragglers with stealth before taking on the main group. As well as regular Brawlers and Shooters, you will also have to deal with Bulldozer, Shocker, and Drone Master minibosses, and if any of them are giving you trouble you can check out our Enemies Guide. As a rule of thumb, you can use area attacks when you can and focus on dodging the enemy attacks otherwise, which will eventually whittle the group down. There are two chests that you can grab while you’re here, after eliminating the enemies.

gotham knights harley quinn 1.3 q offline

Once you clear out this building, you’ll be able to head back to the Belfry to finish the mission, unlocking the final mission in this Case — Mission 1.4: Chaos in General, where you’ll be taking out Harley once and for all.

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