How to Max Out the Skill Trees – Gotham Knights

As you fought your way through the ranks of Gotham’s criminal underbelly, you have probably been upgrading the skills of the character or characters you’ve been playing. These skills can provide powerful bonuses and techniques that make you stronger, and better equipped to handle enemies. But you’ve probably also noticed that there are a lot of skills, and that the amount of AP (the currency required to upgrade skills) you are receiving seems like it might not be enough to max out the skill tree of each character. This is especially worrying since there is no respec system in the game, meaning you are stuck with whatever skills you’ve already invested in.

However, we’re here to tell you that you actually can get every enough AP to buy every skill in the game. In order to max out every character’s skill tree, you need 47 AP (and characters each have their own AP pool), and there are 48 possible AP points you can earn in the game. By following this guide, you will be able to max out every character’s skill tree.

  • 29 AP are earned by levelling up to the maximum level of 30 in a first playthrough. This can be done without going into New Game+, and is where the bulk of your Skill Points come from.
  • 10 more AP are earned from reaching the overall maximum level of 40, which can only be done after going into New Game+. It should be noted that later New Game’s (like New Game++) do not increase the level cap further, meaning the total amount of AP you will be rewarded for hitting the maximum level is 39.
  • 4 AP are earned in total from completing the Knighthood Questlines of each character (1 for each character). Completing this questline, and then the momentum challenge that is unlocked at the end of each character’s personal quest, should award you with AP. This can occassionally be somewhat glitchy, and so if you are not rewarded with AP for completing a character’s Knighthood and Personal quests, see the next section.
  • 1 AP is earned from completing all training exercises in the Belfry. Note that this can only be completed once you have unlocked every single Momentum Ability for any given character.
  • 1 AP is earned from collecting all 60 Batarangs strewn about Gotham. We have a guide for where to find each Batarang in the game.
  • 1 AP is earned by scanning all 12 Street Art murals throughout Gotham. We have a guide for where to find all the Street Art in the game.
  • 1 AP is earned from visiting all 40 Historic Sites/Landmarks in Gotham. We have a guide for where to find every Landmark in the game.
  • 1 AP is earned from finding all 5 Talon Caches hidden in Gotham. Guide pending. These can be located by searching for glowing-green masonry reliefs in Gotham. After discovering the existence of the Court of Owl’s in Mission 3.2, you will be able to locate these, and Alfred will tell you when one is near by telling you that there are “strange energy signatures” nearby.

While each of these examples is meant to reward the player with AP, there are a few known glitches that prevent acquiring AP for Knighthood challenges and collecting all 5 Talon Stashes. While this can be frustrating (especially if it puts you below the required threshold for maxing out your skill trees), there are a few things you can try to prompt the game to give you skill points.

Firstly, many players reported getting the AP that the glitch was blocking as soon as they entered a co-op game and played for a few minutes. While it is unclear what exact triggers cause the points to be rewarded, it seems to happen easily and quickly (within the first ten minutes) for most players.

Another solution that some have discovered is to replay all the training exercises, and to make sure all the knighthood challenges have been completed on your current NG+ playthrough. While AP is supposed to be rewarded after the first completion of each, sometimes it is not, requiring you to do it again.

After you have all the skill points in the game, you will have truly demonstrated a mastery of Gotham Knights and its world and systems. So what will you do next? Find the remaining collectibles, such as the Historia Strigia? Work on your loadouts and builds, to become the more effective crime-fighter in Gotham? Or maybe just wait until November 29th, when the 4-player Heroic Assault mode will launch? Whatever you do, you’ll be well-equipped to handle it!

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