Gotham Knights Mr. Freeze Mission 1.6 – Breakout at Blackgate

This is the final mission in Mr. Freeze’s Villain Case, where you will head to Blackgate prison to finally deal with the ice-cold doctor once-and-for-all. But beware, he may have brought some special tools on this occassion…

To begin the mission, you’ll need to access the Batcomputer from the Belfry. Navigate to the Case Files tab and find them mission, then select it to launch it.

gk 00002

Once you do, a cutscene will play, then the game will load into another cutscene before dropping you into a courtyard with several Regulators. There will be 3 of them now, and after you defeat them another 3 will arrive, giving you plenty of chance to complete the bonus objective of performing 3 Perfect Attacks.

After you defeat the Regulators in this courtyard, you can continue inside of the prison, where you’ll continue along the path until you reach the large cell block filled with turrets and Regulators. As well as needing to take out all the Regulators and disable all the turrets, to get the bonus objective you’ll need to perform 3 Ambush Takedowns, meaning you’ll need to be using your smoke bomb to get away often. So long as you are patient, though, this should be doable enough.

gk 00006 1

After you take out the guards, you should collect the three chests in this cell block. The first will on the third floor, to the right of the central area, in a red room. The second will be on the second floor, behind the guard tower. And the third will require you to head towards where you came into the room, grapple to the second floor through an opening in the bars, and walk a ways to grab it.

Once you grab all the chests, walk towards the guard tower in the center of the room to talk to the lawyer and uncooperative, frozen guard. You’ll need his fingerprints to continue, so you’ll have to get them of objects he touched. To find them, scan the footprints on the ground just in front of the tower, which will display his walking path.

gk 00007 2

After scanning his footprints, you’ll be able to follow them, using AR to find and scan three objects he touched. Going counter-clockwise, these objects will be as follows:

  • A Clipboard, sitting below the railing to your left
  • A Helmet, in a cell with Freaks graffiti
  • A Mug, in the guards’ break room

After scanning these three objects, you’ll be able to use the fingerprint to open the door to your left using the control panel. As soon as you do, it will nudge open only a tiny bit, and then you’ll be ambushed by a large group of Regulators. Use Momentum Abilities to defeat them in order to get the bonus objective, and then head back to the door and squeeze through. Directly in front of you will be Mr. Freeze’s cell, where there will be a chest around the corner.

gk 00011

After grabbing that chest, you can continue forward, squeezing through a broken door in order to come to another courtyard with enemies. Take them all out, doing your best to avoid damage, and then grab the medical chest on the upper landing of this area. After you do, continue through the door next to it to trigger a cutscene.

Once the cutscene finishes, you’ll be pitted against Mr. Freeze, this time controlling a gigantic mecha, with a wide variety of attacks and three stages. Check out our Mr. Freeze Second Boss Fight Guide below to see how to defeat him:

Once you’ve defeated the ice-hearted wretch, a cutscene will play, finally putting an end to Mr. Freeze’s dastardly plots. This is his final mission in Gotham Knights, and once the cutscene ends, you will have completed not just the mission, but the entire Villain Case. Congratulations!

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