Mr. Freeze (Second Fight) – Gotham Knights Boss Guide

This is the guide for fighting the Mr. Freeze for the second time, in his giant mech. We have a separate guide for when you are fighting Mr. Freeze for the first time, around the Storm Machine. This time, the boss battle will require tactical dodging, and will even feature some weakspot attacks. It will happen in two different arenas, and have a third phase at the end where Mr. Freeze’s henchmen will join in to try to stall your efforts.

Case: Villain Case FR1.6: Breakout at Blackgate
Recommended level: 21-24
Rewards (from both battles): 11000XP, 1x Heroic Melee Weapon of your level, (Bronze Trophy) “Cooldown”

Quick Tips:

  • Use Ranged Attacks during the battle.
  • His canon and grenades got more powerful attacks: avoid the beams, time your dodges.
  • When the mech rears onto its back legs, dodge away from the front.
  • Damage legs as they change color, to immobilize the mech. Use its weak state to attack.
  • When Mr. Freeze gets on top of the wall, focus on Ranged Attacks and dodging.
    • Use the wall as a cover against beams.
    • Move away from targeted missiles.
  • In the harbor arena, grapple onto the walls to dodge attacks and avoid the charged AoE attack.
  • Once henchmen appear, dispatch them sooner rather than later.
gk mechafreeze cape
  • Similar setup, deadlier attacks. Mr. Freeze’s ice weapons still have a charge up, similar to the previous fight, but now all of his weapons are much deadlier. Similar to the first time you fought, positioning and range are still everything.
    • Use Ranged Attacks. Even more than before, using ranged attacks is helpful here. They allow you to keep a safe distance from Freeze while still applying damage.
  • Canon shoots beams. The Ice Canon now shoots a beam that must be avoided, instead of a single projectile that can be dodged.
    • Circle around mech in close range. If you are close enough to Freeze, you can simply circle around his mech, which will be unable to turn fast enough to keep track of you.
  • Grenades got an upgrade. Similarly, his ice grenades have become ice missiles, which will explode on impact and have tight timing.
  • Mech rears = dodge to the side. When Freeze’s mech rears onto its back legs, be ready to dodge out of the way of a coming wave of ice spikes when the front legs come back down.
    • If close, dodge stomp attacks. If you are close, these front legs can also attack you individually with stomp attacks that must be dodged.
gk mechafreeze uh oh
  • Damage legs. You can damage individual legs, whose health can be determined by their color.
    • Blue -> yellow -> orange. Blue legs are mostly undamaged but will turn yellow once they have taken some damage. As they take more, the yellow will fade to orange.
    • Broken leg = big damage, stun. Damaging it further will break the leg temporarily, causing a large chunk of damage and completely immobilizing the mech for a few seconds.
    • Perfect time to attack. During this period, Freeze’s attacks are much more limited, and he is vulnerable to damage.
  • Freeze will occasionally jump onto the arena’s walls and fire down upon you.
    • Use ranged attacks. You can get some damage while he is here if you use ranged abilities.
    • Beam = use wall for cover. You can use the wall itself as cover from the ice beam by getting directly under him.
    • Missiles = move away. However, his missiles will still track you and must be avoided.
gk mechafreeze walls

At about 2/3 Health, a cutscene will introduce a change in the arena: the harbor.

Grapple onto the walls to avoid. By grappling onto the spikey perches of the harbor, you can avoid many attacks quickly. This is often a better way to prevent damage than simply running away or dodging, and is required in order to avoid his arena-wide AoE attack (watch out for when he begins charging it).

gk mechafreeze 2

At about 1/4 Health, Freeze will be joined by some henchmen with guns.

While not incredibly deadly, they can sometimes interrupt attacks and dodges, so should be dealt with.

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