Gotham Knights Level Cap: What is the Max Level?

As you plan around your Skill Tree investments and progress in the missions, you might have wondered about the maximum level in the game. Well, there are two answers: there is one level cap for your standard game experience, and then 10 extra levels added if you decide to play through New Game +!

The maximum level for the normal game mode (on any difficulty) is Level 30. You will not be able to get all of your trees maxed out with this level cap, so plan your builds carefully.

The New Game + mode will increase that level cap to 40, adding 10 extra levels. If you are really enjoying that favorite character build of yours, you can look forward to fleshing it out even more if you are willing to reset your story progress and fight more difficult monsters! And, no, you will get to keep your character progression, so you won’t have to grind out your Knighthood Trees again, don’t worry.

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Mila Grish
Mila Grish

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