Batman/Bruce Wayne – Gotham Knights Boss Guide

Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul will be your two final boss fights in Case 8.2: The Lazarus Pit. Your battle with Bruce will come first, immediately followed by Talia after. Bruce’s fight will happen in 3 Phases as you attempt to appeal to him, but they will largely be the same, with the exception of the moveset and the intensity. The battle will involve a lot of dodging and sneaking in hits in between.

Case: Main Case 8.2: The Lazarus Pit.
Rewards (from both battles): 9,780XP

Quick Tips:

  • Focus on dodging when Bruce uses his Lazarus abilities.
    • Dodge when he comes out of green smoke, get out of the way of his leaping ground pounds.
  • Wait out Bruce’s martial arts combos (no green glow), attack right after, go back to dodging.
  • If Bruce is idle, he will guard: Guard Break him to deal damage.
  • Keep the battle away from the Lazarus pits.

Dodge, then dodge again. Bruce is fast and aggressive, requiring fast, precise reactions. He will rarely let up, and you will have to be on your toes the whole time. Most of the fight will be spent dodging.

gk bruce kick 1

Teleporting with green smoke. Bruce will attempt to get the drop on you by fading into green smoke and then teleporting out of it elsewhere to attack. He will do so immediately after coming out of the green smoke, and you can dodge as soon as he shows back up.

Guarded with idle. He will block attacks if you try to attack him when he is idle. You can break his guard to deal damage, or wait to attack until after his combos.

Green glow leap = ground pound. Bruce will occasionally glow green and then leap into the air, where he will come down with a Lazarus-Pit-fueled ground pound that hits an area around him. Make sure you dodge away from him, even if it looks like you won’t be hit.

Long combos, careful dodges. His regular martial arts combos (without a green glow) are surprisingly long, with offputting delays. You will need to time your dodges carefully to avoid being hit.

gk bruce high kick

Mostly, this is a battle of endurance. You must avoid being hit, applying pressure only in the few openings you have. Make sure to sneak those quick attacks, however: you will need them to recharge your momentum.

Avoid Lazarus pits. Stepping into the green Lazarus pits causes you to take some damage. While this damage is minimal, it can add up, so you should try to keep the fight away from them.

gk bruce wrestle

First and second attempt will fail. When Bruce is at about 3/4 of his health, you will be able to “Appeal” to him. After a brief dialog, he will come back with an even broader moveset each time. The same will happen at 1/3 of his health. Apply the same strategy as before.

Third attempt will succeed. You do not need to take out all of Bruce’s health. Once you have nearly depleted his health bar, you will be able to appeal to him again, this time successfully.

Once you defeat Bruce Wayne, a cutscene will play. After this, you will immediately have to fight the true final boss of the game: Talia al Ghul.

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